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Possibility to work either full- or part-time
and have a say in your work-schedule.



Everyone wants their  place of work to be the kind of place they want to go to. It is easier to shine in a supportive and stress-free environment. The key qualities of our call centre that Kontaktikeskus's people always bring out are great human relationships and an easy atmosphere.

What else do our people value about our workplace: 


  • Very flexible work-schedule

  • You can work either full- or part-time

  • Previous working experience is not decisive - necessarry skills are trained on the spot

  • Support from team leaders and colleagues - always, whatever the issue is

  • Feedback for constant development and self-improvement

  • Continuous trainings during working hours 

  • Career possibilities within the company 


We want to invest in every employee and focus on finding the strengths of every person. You can't work solo in a call centre - it's natural that everyone needs help and support. That's the reason we are a team that is always in progress while developing and supporting each other.


Our goal is to communicate with the customers of our partners and do it better than they would do when doing it themselves - and enjoy every minute of it! 



In Kontaktikeskus we manage the customers of other companies. There are two main ways we do it - telemarketing and cutomer service. More specific descriptions of the two positions are brought out below. 

You work either as a telemarketing agent who handles outbound calls or as a customer service representative with inbound calls, one person is usually not on both positions at the same time.



  • Being a telemarketing agent basically means that you introduce certain products or services over the phone.

  • The intention of the call is closing the deal or sales appointment - it depends on the project you are on.

  • The salary depends on you - the more you work, the more you sell, the more you earn.

  • It’s  not a requirement that you have previous experience in sales - both sales training and product introduction take place before you start working and continously as you work.

  • Sales agent needs to be active, smart and resourceful. 

  • You have to be naturally polite, kind and customer-oriented, since you represent the company whose products you are offering.

  • It is the right kind of job for you if you endjoy the thrill of victory!


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  • Customer service over the phone means answering various types of incoming calls.

  • You pick up the phone and solve whatever issues customers have.

  • You give out information, take orders, send messages, solve problems and complaints, etc.

  • Customer service representative in Estonia obviously have to speak freely at least in Estonian and in Russian.

  • We also serve customers in Latvian and in Finnish. 

  • It’s not necesarily required to have previous experience in customer service, but it is beneficial to be well-rounded and to be willing to learn.

  • As a customer service representative you must most certainly be naturally polite, patient and a kind person.

  • If you like to help others out and find the best solutions, then you are the right person for this job! 

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“I get to fulfill my goals and think on my own. Ideas are encouraged, not criticized and activity is rewarded. You can't get around the fact that my colleagues are just the best!”

Annika, Head of Sales

“If you value flexible work-schedule, personal growth and mobile working opportunities, Kontaktikeskus is a great place to work at. Supportive team, capable managers and motivating salary guarantee a desired and secure working environment.”


Kaspar, team leader in Võru


“You can get a job while having babies at home. Even when a child gets sick and you have to stay at home, they understand.

Lilian, telemarketing team in Valga


“Job you can do aside studying - very flexible working hours and you can put together your own work schedule. Really cool people. I like all my colleagues as well as the team leader.”


Meelis, telemarketing team in Võru


"You can always be sure to be listened to and advised if there's a problem. Cooperative and obliging employer. Good coffee and nice company!"


Astrit, customer service team in Tallinn