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Ways to maximize your revenue with the help of a call centre.


Professional telemarketing services have always been Kontaktikeskus's first priorities. Thanks to the high demand from our business partners, we have gathered experiences that help us to provide telemarketing services with better quality and more efficiently than our competitors. 

At our outbound telemarketing facility, we use the precise CRM-system that ensures we keep the promises and call back as agreed. You can monitor the results, efficiency and also check the quality of the calls.

Our range of outbound services that support telemarketing include:


  • telemarketing and direct marketing list services

  • market-research

  • customer satisfaction surveys

  • sales script consultation

  • preselection of potential clients

  • sales appointment setting

  • direct-marketing sales calls

  • consultative telemarketing

  • up-selling and cross-selling

  • greeting calls

  • reminder calls 


Outsourcing telemarketing services can help your organization augment your existing and new customer relationships. We can increase your revenue by effectively closing sales through our competent telemarketing techniques and by providing telemarketing consulting services.


We can help you find out the unfulfilled requirements, the level of satisfaction and the needs of your clients. Along with this information, we will also provide you ways to address your customers' issues and enhance customer relationships.


Need more clients, but you don’t know how to find them? We execute large web-surveys which gives us an access to database information that can be used for telemarketing or direct marketing, including phone numbers or postal addresses.

We can also help you update your databases - doing so via phone is more accurate and avoids errors that web-based database checks may have. Talking to a person on the other end always gives more accurate results. 



It happens that customers don't pay bills on time.

If it happens with more than a few customers, it is quite difficult to contact them effectively with reasonable resources.

In call centre we have professional - firm, but friendly staff who can reach a significant amount of clients with good results.  

Our agents remind the customer about the results of the unpaid bill, while being kind and polite - as a result many invoices get paid, plus some of the clients are thankful for the humane approach.


Customer research or survey is an effective way to find out the opinions or behaviour trends of your customer as well as wider groups of people. Telephone calls allow us to reach a significant amount of people within a reasonable time and price, and the results are more reliable than with the web-based questionnaire. 

For many years, we have executed various research fieldwork and have experienced and trained interviewers who know the rules of interviewing both population and organizations.


Mystery shopping or test visits are a good way to measure the service level of your company. Our test customers are trained to perform as regular clients and during the visit or call they make a record of various aspects of your customer service. 

As a result you get detailed summary of the level of your customer service - quality and bottlenecks.


"We want to increase sales, but it's nearly impossible to find good salespeople..."

"We have never actually tried cold calling. We want to see the results that we could get by using a proffesional telemarketing team..."


"We have done the best we could with the database we have. We need new clients, but we have run out of the ideas on how to reach them..."

"It's reassuring that we have a professional and effective telemarketing team handling our sales..."