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Each service is a combination of solutions to fit your business goals and needs.



Ordering products from the comfort of your home or office has become very popular. In many cases, customer still wants support directly from a "real" person, or prefer to place an order via the phone to directly speak with a sales person.

Many customers prefer phone order taking service to get additional information, clear doubts and get confirmation before placing an order. Speaking with a professional live operator gives them the confidence to invest in your product.


  • Taking orders via phone

  • Up-selling and cross-selling during phone service 

  • Customer retention 

  • Managing mail orders

Taking orders might also be part of complete customer managing service with full access to the orders history, payment information of the customer etc.



Answering customer's questions is no longer the main purpose of customer service. To be great at customer service you have to meet customer's needs and exceed expectations. In other words - guarantee your customers satisfaction.  

Directly or indirectly, the purpose of customer service is  to improve sales and increase revenue. It is possible to do that to new and existing customers during inbound calls. Up-selling means that you draw the customer's attention to a better or pricier product or of larger quantity that saves him money. Cross-selling happens when a customer gets the benefits of buying a related product or service. Any interaction that takes place aside helps in solving any pending issues and ensures customer loyalty.

Experienced professionals with warm and pleasant manners introduce the additional opportunities and products so that customer gets the best solution with best possible price. Win-win situation.


  • The main purpose of the infoline is to give customer basic information concerning your company or services, for example train or bus schedules, term of use etc

  • We also provide the quality information service (hotline) where an operator finds the best answer to any information inquiry

  • Every operator must have the same answer to customer's questions. Therefore the information provided must always be updated. We achieve that by using online programs that update in real-time

  • Information service is the best solution if your employees must handle the same type of questions on a daily basis - outsourcing these typical information inquiries to Kontaktikeskus will save a significant amount of time for your professionals



  • Complete customer service - we serve as your customer service department - having the access and resources to solve every question that your clients have 

  • Partial customer service - you forward all your calls to the call centre and we solve most of the questions, sending you back only the ones that require the hand of a specialty professional 

  • Technical support/product information services - step-by-step guidance in product's use, technical issue or claim registration and instructions for how to proceed

  • Overflow - our agents are available and ready when all your lines are busy or when your people are out of office - you can use us as a backup resource for peak moments or vacation periods




  • Each contact must be handled with the first call

  • Secretary in call centre forwards client's call or takes the message and sends it to the right person - so that the custormer doesn't have to call again

  • Basic questions like opening hours, locations etc get answered immediately





  • Service requests get answered and technicians dispatched to site 24/7

  • Each request is registered to CRM in active mode until successful resolution - easy to monitore case by case

  • Customer gets necessary information and instructions for further actions



Answering calls without waiting time is one of the first priorities of any call centre. Still, it's nearly impossible to avoid situations where for some reason the client decides to abandon the call.

By outsourcing your inbound calls to Kontaktikeskus you will also get access to our solution of call-backs, which also includes giving the client in queue an opportunity to choose the call-back. As soon as an agent becomes available, she gets a notification of a call-back requisition and calls the customer back as soon as possible.


Routine tasks can be overwhelming, whether there's so much you can't handle or so little that it slips your mind. 

By outsourcing your routine tasks to Kontaktikeskus's call centre you can be sure nothing is overlooked and all gets done in time. 

Scanning, printing, stamping, (e-)mailing, SMS-s, opening mail, data registration and managing databases are just a few possible routine tasks our back-office manager can take care for you. 


Web-chat has become more and more popular as a customer service channel, including social media conversations where the customer expects to get almost instant response.  

Just as we cover your phone calls on your behalf 24/7, our capable customer service agents are also ready to take care of your customers on the web anytime. 



Whether your standard of answering correspondence is 2 hours, 2 business days or a week - we can handle it. 

Our trained specialists keep an eye on your mailbox and respond to mail following your requirements, in a warm and polite way.



  • Marketing campaign support by phone and other channels for a given period of time

  • Answers to information requests, data registration, terms of campaign, winners lists etc, that are necessary for the campaign

  • It is possible to answer the call with a necessary greeting-line or slogan


“Customer service is no doubt important, but it's not our main business area…”


“Customers have so much questions that my specialists are on the phone for long time spans and there is no time left to focus on their job…”

"I'm afraid we lose clients because we don't have enough resources to take orders..."

"We answer the same questions daily, a robot could do it..."

"In addition to having the best product in the market, we have the most qualified technicians, but talking to clients is not their strongest quality…"