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We take care of your customers –
you can concentrate on your main business.​


Customer service or telemarketing may not be the main areas in your business. However, they are, as they should be, a tool to achieve your goals. Outsource your call centre activities to Kontaktikeskus and your customers will be in the hands of qualified and experienced call centre experts – each and every day, on a professional level. 


Customer relations are our priority, communicating with the customers of other companies. We are focused on maximizing your business goals - with our efficiency and productivity you get bigger sales and more happy customers.


We take care of your customers better than you would yourself. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Call Centre experts: We have qualified inbound and outbound call centre professionals, whose focus is always on the needs and satisfaction of your customers. 

Constant training programs: To maintain high standards, both inbound and outbound agents have trainings and personal education as part of their daily routine, as well as analysis and feedback of call recordings.

Transparency and flow: The information that is given out to your customers is updated in real-time. That is how we ensure that every change in information flow  reaches instantly to every agent and hence the customer always has the right answer. 

Extensive experience: We have vast experience in planning, designing and implementing various, including simpler, but also very complex call centre solutions, both inbound and outbound. Over 50 local and international companies have outsourced their services to Kontaktikeskus's call centre. 

Professional telemarketing team: Our goals and quality-oriented telemarketing team can handle any call. Each of our telemarketing team has a well-trained manager who ensures that every call is made efficiently, proficiently and professionally.

Productivity:  Our expertise and competent approach can significantly increase your sales. We provide best sales results at a cost-effective price.

100% digital call recording: Each and every call in our call centre is recorded. That enables us to find necessary information by service or agent ASAP while monitoring and analyzing the quality and content of calls.

Reports: We provide regular statistical reports about the calls amount, minutes, length and other parameters of your service.


More than 50 leading brands have already entrusted their customers with our services.